Well Worth the Visit!
This is a new enterprise started this spring. The Chef was a mainstay at the Woodpile in Liverpool until it closed. She then helped to make the Riverbank Cafe in Mill Village the go-to place in 2011-2013. Now she and her 2 partners have converted the Port Medway General Store into a great new asset for this small, scenic village. Deb’s soups are amazing, her gourmet sandwiches are always a treat, the atmosphere is bright and homey. Excellent coffee and pastries. You can’t go wrong paying them a visit. My favorites are the Mulligatawny soup and the loaded baked potato soup. The Port Grocer is a café, a store, a post office, a yoga studio, and music venue all rolled up in one.Their goal is to bring as much locally grown and sourced food and products to Port Medway as they can. This is a 6-8 minute side-trip off the 103 highway when travelling Nova Scotia’s South Shore. It is well worth the visit.
— rickat4main, Liverpool
The Medway Grocer: Deb, Sparo and Annabelle...

If you’ve found your way along the Lighthouse Route to the best-kept secret of the South Shore - Port Medway - then you will easily find The Port Grocer, the recently renovated and truly delightful Post Office, general store and eatery. This is the spot where the locals are lining up for the weekly Wednesday “Lunch Box” and buying prepared meals such as Beef-and-Guinness Pie, Chicken Pot Pie and lasagna. There are extra delights such as really good coffee, croissants and Breakfast Muffins (no ordinary muffin!) All this is prepared, served and presided over by the happy-as-midsummer trio of Deb, Sparo and Annabelle. These brightly inspired people are giving a much-needed face-lift along with a joyful jolt of spirit to the quietly respectable Post Office “in Port”. At the same time, they are creating that truly Nova Scotian experience that defines who we are to everyone who is fortunate enough to live in this beautiful part of the world or visit it.

So much has been accomplished by these intrepid ladies already, but so much more is also planned for the future. And this is exactly what makes this brand of village grocery work so well. Events such as a Farmer’s Market are being planned and a restaurant will shortly be opened. The seasonable menus will confirm a wise devotion to the freshest local ingredients. Deb Melanson is an imaginative chef whose meals are confidently prepared and rich in taste. Trust me. Try the quiche.

Annabelle and Sparo are dedicated to the “front-of-house” and the counter, seem to know everyone already and are further proof that this oasis is already a welcome and positive commitment to the community. These three entrepreneurs know that this is the right way to go when we urge each other to make Nova Scotia the very best of places to live and thrive in. We’ll keep you posted!
— Marcus Raynor, Port Medway